Our New Look

We are incredibly excited to welcome you to our newly redesigned website created by Hexive Creative Agency. We decided to revamp our website to provide our customers with comprehensive information and an enhanced viewing experience that’s easy to navigate.

Our new website features a more detailed description of our products and services, making it easier to understand how a product operates and its various features.

We’ve launched a new page called ‘Diamond Dealers’, which point our customers in the right direction. So, depending on your particular needs, now you can determine, what works best for you.

We’ve also updated our logo, which was inspired by the cool, constant flow of fresh air from our Mitsubishi Electric AC units, which shape the ‘T’ in Total. The dark purple represents power, stability and quality, which is complemented by green which represents our unspoilt Grenadian environment we are proud to call home.

And finally, we have this section, for blog updates; which will include great tips and advice to keep our customers happy and stay updated on all news related to Total Engineering.

It’s now really easy to get in contact with us via our new website. All you have to do is schedule an appointment by clicking on the Request a Quote button and filling out the form. It will help us to identify your needs and what product or service will be ideal for you.

Enjoy our new website!

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