Indoor air quality technology can help pet allergy sufferers.


Admit it, it’s hard not to love cats and dogs? In Grenada, these two animals are the most popular in almost every household, especially those who have a genuine love for pets. They offer unconditional love and can be all-around great companions. However, this can be tough love for people who are allergic to pet dander. Fortunately, Mitsubishi Electric Mr.Slim A/C Units act like your superhero for a lifetime. Saving you through those sniffly mornings, sneezing evenings and congested nights.

Your Mitsubishi Electric Mr.Slim A/C Unit will ensure that clean air is constantly circulating throughout your home making it the easiest way to ensure that pet dander doesn’t linger. Indoor air quality is also improved when your home’s humidity is being controlled. Higher levels of humidity breed additional allergens like bacteria, mold, and mildew. Mitsubishi Electric Mr.Slim Units work hard to balance your home’s humidity, thereby reducing the instances of these allergens and irritants. So before you consider putting your pets up for adoption this simple alternative allows you and your pet continuous bonding time.

It’s also advised by our team of professionals and trained technicians that you get your Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim A/C Units checked and serviced at scheduled intervals to reduce the amount indoor air pollution and breakdowns. 90% of all air conditioner breakdowns are the result of little or no maintenance. Did you know? A dirty air conditioner costs 50% more to operate. Indoor air pollution can be worse than outdoor pollution and can affect your family’s health. At Total Engineering we’ve got you covered; from your purchasing, set-up and servicing! Click on the link to contact us about anything related to our products and services:

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