Disguise Your A/C Units

Turn your AC unit into that fresh decorative interior wall decor design with cool colour palettes.

Living in the tropics we experience warm temperatures throughout the year. Understanding how temperature and colour change the mood and aura of your environment can help you turn your plain A/C Unit into an eye-catching piece of wall decor while living in style and staying cool at the same time! Are you a new homeowner thinking about re-designing your living room space? This blog post will give you all the necessary tips and tricks to live comfortably and stay trendy.

Colours can affect your entire ambience. Take a look at justinablakeney’s instagram page, see how she creatively revamped her plain A/C Unit into a plant stand! What a witty and original idea. With the use of abstract art and bright colours, your family will barely even notice that your Mr.Slim Air Conditioning Unit takes up a portion of your room wall. Get creative, visit your favourite craft store to purchase fabrics with striking patterns (if you’re brave), get your paint brush out a recreate this splendid boho room idea just like justinablakeney.

Fun tip: If you look at a colour wheel you’ll notice that shades of greens and blues are located on the lighter half. These hues tend to give your room a cooler atmosphere, which all contributes to the overall cool feeling with your Mitsubishi Electric AC Unit.  There’s no doubt that cool hues also make a room feel larger so if your goal is to make a small room more spacious opt for cool colours on the colour wheel. Simple things make a huge difference to the comfort of your home. By tweaking certain interior items in your home your comfort level can be vastly increased.

You can never go wrong with a mixture of warm and cool hues to accomplish a homely atmosphere like exhibited in the image. Colour theory provides a general framework to give you a better understanding of colours and their behaviours. The tendencies of warm hues to advance and cool hues to recede are almost always true. We think it’s time to run to your favourite paint provider and plant specialist and start preparing for recreating your perfect room spaces. Quick and final tip: Don’t forget that when you visit your plant nursery ask for plants that can help clear the air of pollutants found in your everyday chemical cleaning products. This will help with the overall maintenance of healthy and clean air in your home and an efficient Mitsubishi Electric AC unit.


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